Sixteenth Century Cavalry 1575-1600
There were three types of cavalry troops in the last quarter of the 16th century    
The Hargelatier or Hagabusher. Note his open faced helmet, short leather jerkin, long arm on a sling (an arquebus in this case) and his soft, tall leather boots.
The Reiter, also known as a Pistoleer or Corselet. He wears a burgonet helmet with a falling buffe and a breast and back over which he has put a long cavalryman's coat with hanging sleeves.  He has buckled his arm armor over his coat.  He is armed with two long barreled pistols which he carries in holsters on his saddle. His sword is broad bladed.
The Lancer or Launtier. He is most heavily armored with a full three-quarter harness and a close-faced helmet.  He carries two pistols and a lance.
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