Sixteenth Century Cavalry 1575-1600
Weapons The Cavalryman's weapons were the sword, wheellock pistol, petronel or arquebus and the lance. Wheellock pistols above, on the left German styles, on the right Italian.
A petronel. Note the distinctive dropped butt. 
Gunpowder flasks from the Wallace Collection and stirrups that were recovered from a shipwreck ca. 1590.
Swords - Virtually every cavalryman carried a sword.  They were generally medium length, with a stiff single or double edged blade. 
Pistols - Wheellock pistols were the norn.  They had long barrels and used an intricate clockwork-like mechanism for firing which allowed the weapons to be loaded and spanned (cocked) but did not need to be fired immediately.
Long Arms - The Arquebus or Petronel were used by hagabushers.  They were about 1 - 1 1/2 meters long overall and might have a dropped butt that was fired against the chest.
Lance - 
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