True and happy Newes
Read in the Honourable House Commons,
Septem. 24. 1642.
Sent in a Letter from His Excellencie
the Earle of Essex upon Saturday the 24 of
September, 1642. to the House of
Wherein is declared a Famous Victory by Master
Fines a Member of the House of Commons over
Prince Robert, who came to the said City with 500.
Horse, upon Thursday last.
Relating also the same Description of the Battell
and the number the was slaine on both sides,
Likewise the proceedings of His Maje-
stie since his coming to the said City
expressed in the sent Letters.
Together with His Resolution concerning the
City of London, being happy tydings for all those
that wish well to this happy Resolution.

London, printed for Tho. White. Septem. 26.

True and Happy
Newes from Worcester.

Vpon Thursday last Prince Robert marched towards Worcester with his Army, being in number 500. Horse and not any Foot, and at his comming thither Mr. Fines stood in opposition against him, where Prince Robert caused his men to discharge so fast, insomuch that there began a great skirmish betweene them, holding for the space of two houres: Prince Robert with his Forces began to retreat, and at that time the Prince lost 12. men, and Master Fines 5. men. The said Prince Robert is making of spoile, to the great hurt of the said City, and planting of Ordnance, and he hath already spoiled and burnt some houses. This Newes was sent to the Honorable House of Commons upon the Saturday last, which signified that the Kings Majesty was in person at Worcester, and that the Earle of Essex is marching thither with 22000. men. Sent in a letter from the Honorable Mr. Fines.

The Kings Majesty hauing often times declared his Royall intention and Resolution towards this Citty of London, hath occationed a great jelousie in the hearts of divers and allthoughe he hath often times dclared that tumults were punished and suppreessed he would take his jorney towards this Citty and althoughe some peaple weake of opinion that his Majesty any intention to take his jorney towards this Citty yet by thes perticulars following, it will most evidently and plainely appeare that his Majestyes Royall heart hath allwayes beene conioyning to this Citty and it doth most in anisently testify that his Majesty hath ever and doeth still owe and beare more afection and loue to his sujects in this City then he did to any other City in this Kingdom although his Royall and sacred Majesty hath beene misled and insenseb against his loueing subjects that are resident in this Honourable City of London by that party which seekes dayly to bring the inhabitants here into vtter ruin and destruction for as it is the Chiefest and Metropolitan City of the Kingdome, so they seeke labour dayly to bring it to the least and meanest estat of any City in this Iland or vnder the heavens, and to discover and bring to light some more of their mischeeuos and devillish intentions which I beleue it is not vnknowne unto divers that do understand proceedings of the cavaleers, and other of the maliguant party of this Kingdome their greatest malice and envy that is so drownded in their hearts that it is almost an impossible thing to have us removed, God puts his helping hand thereto, because the Foundation of Reformation is now beginning to take place in this Metropolitane City, and our Honourable Assembly of the Worthies of Israel doth now labour and endeavour to bring the same to perfection, God of his great mercy sent his helping hand thereto: But because I will now proceed to the Resolution and intention of his Sacred Majesty  the King of Great Britain, concerning his Honorable and renowned City of London, (viz) His Majesty, as hath been often said, hath had a longing desire to come neere to the City of London, and useth the meanes, as it doth accordingly appeare, for upon the 16. day of this month there was a great disturbance amongst the Cavaleers did Darby, by reason that His Majesty went from thence privately to Nottingham, they supposing he had took his journey towards London, and indeed it is thought that although His Person be amongst them yet his heart is better affected towards us, for did not the Cavaleers pursue and follow Him so close at his removall from one place to another, it is thought that he would soone be here, but such as the jealousie of these Malignant persons, that they will not suffer His Person to be out of their sight not a minute in a manner, but presently post after him to any place or he goeth; and although His Sacred Majestie have often declared to the Cavaleers, that he will venture his life in their defense, yet they are very jealous of his words, and a daily feare, that hee will come to composition with His Parliament, by reason that he doth shew some countenance to the Parliaments Petitions, and were not for them, doubtlesse but we should have him here very suddenly. The honorable Earl of Essex hath declared his Resolution to his Majesty, that he is resolved to put nothing and act, but what should tend on his Majesties honour safely and securty, and a good both of Church and Religion, and that to the utmost of His power He will have a wathfull eye, that no outrages and abuses bee committed by any of his Souldiers, and that is comming now with his Forces is not against his Majesty but against the Malignant partie, the wicked incendiaries of this Kingdome that are now about His Royall person, whose mindes doth daily thirst after the bloud of our English and Scots Protestants, this is the Noble Resolution of his Excellence the Earl of Essex.