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His Grace the Duke of York and Albany is looking for Musketeers for Captain Middleton's Company of His Maritime Regiment of Foote. 

The Admiral's Regiment is a recreated regiment of infantry from the period of the English Restoration 1660-1685. Our unit portrays personal regiment of James the Duke of York, the brother of King Charles II, that served as both a land and marine unit. It is formed of people with an interest in the English Restoration and the late seventeenth century. We participate in living history displays, musters, skirmishes, and all manner of activities connected with the period. Our regiment is composed of musketeers, armed with firelock or matchlock muskets of the second half of the seventeenth century. We display the extended drill necessary to fire the muskets and in addition, our troops can demonstrate the swordplay common to the period. 

All of these activities are done with a high degree of authenticity, meticulously researched, with all clothing and equipment carefully constructed to original patterns and specifications. It is the unit's function to show an accurate portrayal of what life was like for the soldiers of the Restoration and their families. 

Members provide their own uniforms and equipment made to regimental patterns and specifications. We have a wealth of information on correct items and clothing and can assist anyone in acquiring their kit. There are members of the regiment that will contract to provide clothing, as well as sutlers at most major events that will sell all manner of items. 

Duke of York and Albany's Regiment, Captain Middleton's Company, is based in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area. Our musters are held in locations from Virginia to Massachusetts so it is necessary for you to provide your own transportation. We welcome all who would return to a more colourful and exciting time. If you would like to leave the 20th century behind and join us in the world of seventeenth century Restoration England, contact us at the address below. We would be happy to give you all the information you need and welcome you to our ranks. Women are welcomed both as members of the Baggage Trayne and as soldiers under arms. Children are welcomed as well, provided they are accompanied by a legal guardian. Liability laws require that you must be at least 18 years of age to join as an individual member. 



This page was last updated on December 17, 1998.