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Civilian Ballads

A Caveat for Cutpurses A ballad of the London underworld
The Great Boobee A musical travelogue of a country bumpkin's adventures in London.
Jones' Ale A fun song about the denizens of an alehouse.
A Light Hearts a Jewel A cheery ballad to the tune 'Jack Pudding'.
The Little Barly-Corne Whose properties and vertues here, shall plainly to the world appeare, to make you merry all the yeere.
The Merry Coblers A merry ballad of the cobblers' trade to the tune of the Spanish Gypsie.
A Pleasant Countrey New Ditty: Merrily Shewing How to Drive the Cold Winter Away A ballad for Christmastide.
The Saint Turned Sinner, or the Dissenting Parson's Text Under the Quaker's Petticoats A late 17th century, anti-Quaker piece.

Royalist Pieces

The Battel of Worcester An account of the Battle of Powick Bridge.
Colonel Venne's Encouragement to His Souldiers A satire.
Englands Woe Another very biting satire. It's a song that never fails to get a good laugh from Royalist audiences and glares from Roundheads.
The French Report or All La Mode de France An amusing prewar satire that mocks both the King and Parliament. Like some other songs of the period it is meant to be sung in a silly French accent.
The Power of the Sword A powerful Royalist ballad to the tune of Law Lyes Ableeding
The Protecting Brewer Another satire, this time poking fun at Oliver Cromwell.
Vive Le Roy The great Royalist recruiting song.
When the King Enjoys His Own Again The title says it all!
The World Turned Upside Down A song bewailing the death of Christmas traditions in the face of Puritan reforms.

A Restoration Ballad

The Second Part of St. George for England A song in praise of General Monck for turning out the Rump Parliament in 1660.

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